Rephotography in North End – Salem street

Here is one easy to spot.

© Estate of Jules Aarons

The building behind is an old power plant, unexpectedly found in that rather busy neighborhood. Here is the place today…

… which has few changed actually, except that they removed the street signs which are now on the opposite corner of the crossing. The curb has been leveled down also, and one mail box has been removed (there are two mail boxes today but both on Prince street).

The re-photo is rather boring, but it is a good spot for street photography. Here are two shots I did, before the re-photo project:


One of the most known photograph from Jules Aarons could be this one:

© Estate of Jules Aarons

It has a strong 50’s vibe and looks like it was captured on a film shooting. By the way it is amazing how the guy on right looks like Marlon Brando whereas the other guy could be James Dean…

I spotted the place by chance. One clue was the “Freedom Trail” sign on right. The freedom trail is a touristic pathway that goes through Boston historical places. In North-End it reaches Paul Revere’s House, then goes through the Prado up to the Old North Church before heading North towards Charlestown leading to Bunker Hill. But I did not even need that since right after doing the Salem/Prince re-photo I stumbled upon the spot little upper in Salem Street, close to the old church. That was the specific wall design which is similar to that of the power plant that gave me hint.

This is now the main entrance of North Bennet Street School.

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