Rephotography in North End – A matter of metal gates

This rephotograph is the most interesting of the serie in my opinion, and the most moving also. I was rather sure that the metal gate in the photograph from Aarons has been removed, because I would have noticed it before, for sure. There are a couple of still existing similar gate in North End, but not like this one, and not in such street arrangement.

© Estate of Jules Aarons

So I was not very positive to be able to spot that one. But the old lady I met in Hanover street recognized it at first sight, and she told me where to find the place.

I like the rephoto in its own right, though I am very few responsible for it. What was an open public pathway is now a private parking lot. The intriguing thing is that the metal fence that was put in place the old gate looks like the oldest thing in the 2010 shot, whereas it is the most obvious difference and ‘new’ stuff compared to the older shot. The (very nice) metal gate that was before seemed to be a more definitive and long run achievement, so that a comparison of the two pictures brings a somewhat confusing sense of time frame. Another detail worth the attention is the fence inside, along the building on right which is twisted today the exact same way that it was more than 40 years ago (though it is hard to figure that out on these small jpeg file)

The “KC 1513” on the “newer” gate stands for “Knights of Colombus”, the order that owns the place and has local HQ in the building on right.

2 thoughts on “Rephotography in North End – A matter of metal gates

  1. Hi,

    I did b+w here to emphasize what I felt was a confusing time frame. It is a bit cheating actually, and IMO little counterproductive for the very purpose of the project. By the way the shot I did has a slightly wrong perspective. I might re-do it and post it in a color version.

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