Rephotography in North End (3)

Here is the ‘solution’ for re-photo #1

Napoli Square © Estate of Jules Aarons

Napoli Square, 2010

Note that the “Gus P. Napoli sq.” sign is likely to be the very same old plaque, but has been moved a little on right, possibly when they changed the pavement.


When I did the re-royalist shoot there was a man behind me, sat on a bench and smoking a cigar. We said ‘hello’ and I told him a little about what I was doing. He got interested in the Jules Aarons book I had with me. I told him I was able to spot many locations of the North-End pictures in it, at least most of those I was looking for, except that of the cover. Actually I was not sure the cover image was shot in North-End because unlike those inside the book there is no caption. But it looks like North-End and thought myself it was probably shot there. I have tried to figure it out in the Paul Revere Mall before but failed. Very surprisingly that man was able to spot it at first sight, with quite an accurate information about the vantage point, which is quite amazing when you look at the photo and know what the place has become since then (that man was not that old, about 50 or so)

© Estate of Jules Aarons

The background part of the playground in the Aarons photo is now the private playground of Eliot Elementary School, which is located in between the Revere Mall and Charter street behind where it has its main entrance. The very background behind the fence is the Revere Mall indeed (“The Prado”). Across to the ground there is now a fence that separates the school playground from a parking lot, which is always completely filled with cars (parking is a nightmare inside North-End, and nearly impossible without resident permit).

Here is an approximation shot at 17mm focal lens on a cropped sensor (i.e. 26mm equiv 35mm film). Not sure what lens Aarons had on its TLR camera, but I assume it could have been around 35mm instead (in equiv 35mm film).

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