Brattle Bookshop

Downtown Boston, between Washington St. and the Common there is a small street (West St.) and in West street there is a bookshop “Brattle bookshop”. They sell used books and a large part of them are put outside on a free space between two old buildings that they have arranged with book shells. It is a nice place for readers with good old books to find.

It is nice for photo too, with the wall paintings that represents some famous writers. I sometime go there to see If I can snap some interesting shot. I like the situation melting together books and readers. It is cluttered but consistent, in a sense that everything is tied to the overall idea of books and reading. Also I like it from composition point of view because you have stable iterative elements (the books and bookcases) and dynamic/unstable elements (the people). It is a bit like bees coming into flowers to collect pollen (!) And of course if you have some interesting person, expression or body language it can really make a shot.

On the following image the van on left is rather intrusive and anticlimactic. But I like the wall painting reflection on the back window.

On the one below the lady’s expression is great. Exposure was not so good though and her face is little buried in shadow.

4 thoughts on “Brattle Bookshop

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