You probably already know about this shocking news today. France has been downgraded and has lost a precious A.

So… sadly, here is how Frnce now looks like.

By the way I think it is a major difference between France and the US. Even before the US were downgraded last summer everybody knows that “US” means “USA”. Not sure about Frnce.

… 2011 in 12 pics

A selection of photographs that I did not post on line before.

Jan 2011 - Boston

February 2011 - Boston

March 2011 - Boston

April 2011 - Boston

May 2011 - Boston

June 2011 - Boston


July 2011 - New York City

August 2011 - Las Vegas

September 2011 - Boston

October 2011 - Boston

November 2011 - New York City

December 2011 - Paris

2011 in figures and …

Just like I did last year here is the chart of the exposures I did for every month of year 2011. Count is based on file name. I copy the files from my camera to my hard drive with a name that is YYYMMxxxx so that it is easy get the numbers in the chart below. I very rarely erase a picture on board of the camera.

2011 shot count

Total for 2011 is 12178 exposures which is little more than 1000 a month, and roughly half what I did in 2010. It peaked in July (1858) and suffered a significant drop for the last 3 months mostly due to lack of time for shooting. Also February was weak, probably because it was cold and so much snowy here in New England.

Next post I’ll pick one image for every month.

Happy New Year.