I dig this photograph #1

Here is a new blog category. And the idea is rather simple: it’s about a photograph I like.

To start with here is a picture by Portland based photographer George Kelly.

Photograph by George Kelly

The reason I started this category with this photograph is of course that I like it very much, but also because I think this photograph is quintessential of what street-photography is about.

Nothing special is going on here – I mean nothing special in “real life” – but at the same time so much is going on within that frame.

Now you may think that coming up with such an image is easy because it is such a mundane scene, something you can capture at anytime. But just imagine you are at the very place of the photographer and this scene is unfolding in front of your eyes.

Why would you take a photograph here ?

When you do such kind of photograph the real world is not limited to what is in the frame. People are moving, are making noise, there are all sorts of distraction everywhere, like surely in this coffee.

And then Bang! Kelly clicks the shutter. Right now, right here.

There was that saying about street photography:

so much of this type of photography seems to only provide answers instead of questions

And to me this photograph from Kelly proves it wrong.