What kind of street-photographer are you ?

Here is a psycho-test that will reveal the kind of street-photographer you are – or not. Pick what corresponds the most to you below the following questions. Then count the corresponding card-game signs (diamonds | clubs | spades) and go to the test result below.

Here we go:







You got :

  • More than 6 clubs:  You are definitely not a street-photographer and you probably know it. Photography for you is a quiet process which is all about aesthetic and emotional impact. So.. taking snapshots of unknown people in public spaces ? no thanks. By the way you hate to be photographed without your consent.
  • More than 6 spades: You don’t take the technical aspects of photography very seriously but care about the content. You have no hard-coded preconception about form as long as it serves the documentary dimension of the image. Street photography for you is like everyday photojournalism.
  • More than 6 diamonds: You are an hardcore street photographer, no doubt about it. For you Garry Winogrand is the man. You shoot for yourself and don’t really care about the documentary value for your work. You have tons of work prints in your basement and dozens of rolls waiting to be developed. If you are all diamonds you are already out there shooting.

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