8 pictures

A sample of my recent street photography, before we go on a trip to South West US.

I feel I am struggling with the genre lately. Not so much with the routine which I enjoy a lot, but rather with the outcome. Maybe there is too much of SP out there – or better said I see too much of it on the internet. The more I see those pictures published today here and there and the more I think good SP is very rare. Actually there is some inherent and ineffable quality to good street photography which I rarely see. Every so often what motivates the photographer is too much obvious and there is few left to explore. Most of it lacks of some mystery. I don’t know… could be that I am jaded in some way.

5th Avenue, NYC

Downtown Boston

Time Sqaure, NYC

Canobie Lake amusement park, NH

Downtown Boston

Washington Square, NYC

North End, Boston

Downtown Boston



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