It is part of the “game”

I took this photograph yesterday. I did not go out for shooting very much lately but yesterday was sunny and a good moment to reconnect the routine of street shooting.

Not sure why I clicked here, which is kind of usual for me. By that I am not saying that I shoot randomly but that every so often (at least for such kind of shot) it is more a general situation including people, backdrops etc.. that appeals to me – as opposed to something very specific that I would want to capture.

I say that because if you look at the shot you are probably struck by one very specific thing here. The woman in the middle, holding her handphone has no right arm. It is quite obvious in the image I think, and it looks like if the photographer had consciously composed something out of that missing arm right in the center of the frame. And I have to say that I believe it works quite well for that matter from a visual perspective, with the other hands gesture kind of dancing around that “void” in the shot . It is cruel but it “it” makes the image, really.

But I am not this photographer. What I mean here is that it is unintentional i.e. I did not notice the missing arm when shooting. And I’ll add that had I noticed it and it is likely that I would not have clicked. It is no moral point of view, but merely personal. So when I first saw the image on my monitor I was surprised and first thought it was some illusion, that the arm was not missing but hidden somewhere in the shadow. But I quickly figured out that actually there was no arm and I started to feel embarrassed. But thinking about it I believe it is part of the “game” (for lack of better word). You go out for shooting and you get what is out there, don’t expect otherwise, it is that simple.

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