Various photographers’ fate

Garry Winogrand - El Morocco, 1955

  • Photobook project: “If you need someone to do zoo photographs count me in”.
  • Lifetime motto: “If you need someone to do zoo photographs count me in”.


Louise Ciccone by Lee Friedlander

  • Cost of shooting this unknown model: $25
  • Profit: much more. But actually the odds to win at lottery seem higher for great photographers. (“It’s all chance” said Cartier-Bresson).


Vivian Maier - Self

  • Short Term: Doesn’t matter, nobody will see this.
  • Posthumous: Does matter, many people will see this.


William Eggleston

  • 1976: obviously at war with everybody.
  • Digital age: everybody is at war with the obvious.


Marc Cohen

Marc Cohen - Bare legs by store, 1974

  • Discussion boards: People fight to argue that you’re either a pervert or an artist.
  • After all you are maybe a pervert artist.


Kevin Carter - Girl and Vulture, 1993

  • Aftermath1: Win the Pulitzer
  • Aftermath2: Suicide


Harry Callahan - Eleanor and Barbara

  • Successful marriage (*)

(*) This is to get unusual traffic on this blog, not unlike this.


Brett Weston - Broken Window, 1937

  • The Pros and Cons of being the son of such a seminal figure.
  • Yet “the ability to see nothing as something” (in John Szarkowski “Looking at Photographs”).


Photograph by Chris Hondros

  • Maximum Risk Level: KIA
  • Risk Yield: People realize that photographer can be a full-time job that needs to pay a decent health coverage.

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