SP as usual

“No Photograph”

The Security Agent: – “What do you photograph ?”

Me : – “The clock”

Agent: – “… The clock ?!”

Me: – “Yes, and the building too. But don’t worry I’ll be leaving when the light is bad”


Actually the few times I have heard “No Photograph” in the streets of Boston are from security agent who don’t want people to photograph “their” building. That happens in the financial district. Are the architecture photographers more hassled than SPers ?


Closer ? You’re kidding right ?


The good the bad and all the ugly

When I am out for shooting I start with the usual warm-up shots and then after a little while things began to turn right or wrong.

A typical warm-up shot, to make sure my eyes are well aligned with the frame

When it’s wrong you just feel like you’re not in the right groove, in the musical sense of the word. You feel you’re off, very slightly off but enough to be at the wrong place, or looking to the wrong direction. But that is often merely a temporary and somewhat misleading feeling because on the end of the day I make as many craps in the good days as in the bad days.


Proactive and reactive

There are many ways to do street photographs. One is the pro-active way, when you plan the shot in some way, e.g. you spot a good corner to frame and wait for something to happen. You may get nice picture that way but too much of that frustrates me or more specifically I don’t really like that sort of routine to do several successive captures at the same spot (something HCB is likely to have done a lot).

A proactive shot

Another way is when you are on a reactive mode, when you click the shutter for something you did not suspect less than one second ago. And sometimes when things are just right you have this special feeling that time has slowed down just for you.

A reactive shot


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