Tweets because it’s out there

Since everyone with a cellphone tucked in pocket or purse today seems ready to start snapping away on its built-in digital camera, one might say we are all street photographers now. Even though issues of meaning and quality will always remain for individual images, that ubiquity means street photography as a distinctive formal genre is pretty much over.

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… So… because everyone can buy oil and pencils at the street corner nearby means that painting “as a distinctive formal genre is pretty much over” ?




Nick Turpin has posted few color photographs from Garry Winogrand on his blog. Though Winogrand is known for his b+w work he actually did lots of color photographs as well but few are publicly available, probably because of the cost of color processing in the late 60’s and 70’s. If memory serves me right I believe Winogrand left about 30.000 (?) color slides views when he died – and which are now held by the Center for Creative Photography, Tucson, AZ together with the Winogrand archived work. It’s a shame one can not see more of the color work. They planned to do a color slideshow in complement of the prints for the “New Documents” exhibition (MOMA, 1967) but that was cancelled due to technical issue. The book ‘1964’ is a compilation of color and b+w work from Winogrand, but is rather hard to find and expensive.


Photograph by Garry Winogrand

I like the picture above a lot. I find it has a bit of a Friedlander vibe.




… speaking about Lee Friedlander I stumbled upon this image that I never noticed before which is self-reflective in a straightforward yet so much “Friedlanderish” way.


Photograph by Lee Friedlander



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