Quick note…

… to say I am very lazy to write new posts for my blog these days. Lazy and drawn to other things as well. Also one of the thing I wonder is whether or not I keep my photo website ( www.jophilippe.com ) open since I have to renew webhosting before end of March.

I like the idea of a photo website, as opposed to a blog, but the fact is that 1) it has very few traffic and 2) I never find the time or the will to update it regularly, which I should. A simple Flickr sort of photostream is much more convenient for that matter but I don’t really like Flickr for photo presentation (I have a Flickr account though). Not sure what I should do here. Still have to think about it before it is too late.


2 thoughts on “Quick note…

  1. If you’re really crafty you could use the Flickr API to build a custom presentation front end. Then your website would update automatically as you update your Flickr account. Course, that would require knowledge of software programming.

    At the very least I’d hold onto the named domain. Even if the site doesn’t get much traffic now, that can always change. Looks good on business cards, or in any promotional materials you might create for showings in the future.

    • Thanks for the tips. I’m not sure I’ll do the Flickr thing. By the way I can’t do bulk upload to Flickr from my computer for some reason. That makes my Flickr experience even worse… 😉
      Definitely holding the domain name is the basic thing to do. I think I’ll renew the whole package anyway. It is rather cheap finally.

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