Back in the middle

I’ve been not very active lately on the photography front for various reason such as weather, schedule, other things to do etc… I even spent the money of a potential Fujifilm X100 for an amazing Fender Strat (a 20 years old dream of mine, and this one was a very good bargain by the way).

Anyway as the ice is finally in the process of melting here in the Boston Area I hope to have some time for shooting in the coming weeks. And I need to find some inspiration as well, because many of the last pictures I took look the same. Among those ones there was this one I took yesterday that I find interesting.

It reminds me a shot I did in the metro last year:

In both pictures I used someone’s back right in front of me to sort of cut the image. You have this boring object right in the middle (and made prominent by the use of very wide angle) whereas something is happening behind which is supposed to be of interest. Well…I am sure most people don’t like these pictures and they are obviously (but intentionally) flawed with regards to composition standards. But it is like playing hide and seek with subject matter and I find that trick rather interesting.

The other reason I like the shots above is that more often than not when you shoot a complex scene in the street the final result won’t work because of someone’s back misplaced in the shot, that works like a “black hole”, a negative space that weakens the shot, like in this picture below done yesterday.

But sometimes it is fun and interesting to take something that usually does not work and instead of avoiding it you push it to the extreme and try to turn it to your advantage.


5 thoughts on “Back in the middle

  1. So now you need to save for a nice old fender twin and maybe a tube screamer and perhaps a nice delay pedal etc etc. . . Goodbye X100 😉
    I’m still considering very hard whether the X100 would be worth the money. I’m gonna wait until it’s been out a month or two to see what the reaction is from the early adopters and then if that is positive, probably sell some stuff to finance it . . . $1000 in the US, £1000 in the UK. That’s so annoying!

    • Indeed the music gear acquisition syndrome is much more serious than the one for photography 😉
      I am still tempted by the X100 of course, and I’ll do like you, checking out how folks react to it. Could be a good bargain for me here in the US, especially if the EUR/USD rate is favorable then I might make an extra gain using my EUR bank account.

  2. The more recent photo, doesn’t work as well as the older one. It’s a matter of balance mostly with the older being completely symetrical.
    The recent however has that intrigouing look of the passer by, making the hide and seek play more prominent.
    As for the color photo I think the negative space is projected on the right back and on the empty space right in the middle of the photo.
    Your shots reminded me of one of mine that makes use of the same approach but I guess not very interesting otherwise


    • I agree about the first one not very symmetrical. I don’t think that really matters that much and I am more bothered by the coat being plain black. Would need some more burning here to make it lighter. One intriguing detail on this one is the shadow of the man from back. He holds something that looks like a waist level view camera as if he was snapping the walking man. I’m sure it was something else though.

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