Blake Andrews’ 80 prints + gum (2)

3 other pictures scanned from Blake Andrew’s package of rejected shots.


Photograph by Blake Andrews

4. has first intrigued me the way it was framed. First thing I see is the “Cheater” superposition and it makes me wonder why to include the grid on left. But finally – and beside sheer visual/graphical consideration – that sounds logical to have what could trigger the idea of a jail in a picture which talks about cheating.


Paris, Tuileries. Photograph by Blake Andrews

5. was shot in Paris in the Jardin des Tuileries. You can see the silhouette of Le Louvre in the very background. It reminds me that whereas I walked the Rue de Rivoli (on the very left) countless times it’s been ages since I entered the Jardin itself (on right) for the last time.


Photograph by Blake Andrews

6. is fine for me because it is very well composed. More often than not balancing a street scene well into the frame of a photograph is “a hell of a problem”. You have the scene, the vantage point and then something is wrong. It is a question of, I would say, rhythm. Here I find the pic has an interesting rhythm whilst being quite complex visually, with gestures and iterative motifs from left to right, and nicely concluded by the back of the truck.


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