I find this…


… an incredible photo

Solar Eclipse, 2010/01/04. Phot by Thierry Legault

At first sight I wondered what was the tiny thing (not the sunspot on bottom, but the upper one on left). Looks like an Empire battleship from StarWars, or a Canadian flag. Actually that is the ISS Space Station passing by. So here you have the Moon, the Sun, and that tiny ISS, which is by far the closest and smallest thing in the shot. The sunspot is supposed to be twice the size of the Earth…

Congratulation to Thierry Legault for that fascinating shot.


2 thoughts on “I find this…

    • Thierry Legault seems to make a speciality in capturing the ISS, there are other shots on his website.

      But the occurring of the ISS passing at the very moment of an eclipse is priceless IMO. I am not a specialist but I believe such a configuration is very unlikely to happen that way if we consider the short time lapse and tiny “space tunnel” perspective involved, not to mention the technical aspect to get such a shot.

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