2010 in figures and 12 pics

Here are some few facts about my year 2010 of photography.

I took 22369 shots the whole year. That does not include the few ones that I deleted on the spot (I do that rarely) but includes family shots and numerous snapshots for whatever purpose (including house indoors I visited because we moved). I estimate 75% are pure hobby shots with no private purpose – though there is often a very thin line between my family shots and my street photography.

Shots count - 2010

Most prolific month – at least in quantity – was May with 4441 shots. Least was August with 335. An average per month is about 2000.

All shots were done with a Fuji S5 pro (a DSLR based on the Nikon D200 body). I didn’t use my film camera. The 17-50 f2.8  Tamron zoom did not quit the body except for a sensor cleansing, and was used at 17mm almost all the time (I am a fool not using a 20mm or 24mm prime…).

Out of that 22k shots bucket I processed about 30% (a rough estimate). When I say “process” it means I took about 1min to adjust tones (color or b+w) and contrast, and then downsize. These are merely “work” files that I do for further review. The photo I really post-processed (with GIMP) are the ones for the books, i.e. about 350 photos if I include the family album that I have just finished. This consists of basic adjustments (curves, contrasts etc…) as well as a variable amount of dodging/burning for b+w pics. I am not very skillful at post-processing and generally the more time I spend at it and the worse are the results… I very rarely crop the pics, except if I want a different aspect ratio.


Now here are 12 pics I choose for each month of 2010. These are pics I did not publish otherwise (this blog, my website, flickr, books). They are not my preferred shots but I believe are representative of things I did at the period.


January 2010 - Cambridge Common, Cambridge MA



February 2010 - Tremont St, Boston

March 2010 - Boston Financial District

In March and April I did lots of pictures in the Financial District.


April 2010 - Young couple in Quincy Market

This one I finally rejected from the book “Common Boston”. I like that sexy couple though.


May 2010 - Young couple in Harvard Square

This is one of the very few picture I asked the people to pose. Well not really to pose but I asked them to take the shot.


June 2010 - Boston Love Parade

From April to June there were many special events. I was at the Tea Party rally, the Marathon, the Cambridge fair, Harvard Graduation day (had no entry ticket but the aftermaths were interesting) and the Love Parade. Weather was shitty that day.


July 2010 - Saint-Raphael, France


August 2010 - Downtown Boston


September 2010 - South End, Boston

We moved from Cambridge to Brookline end of July. Both cities are distant from a few miles, you just have to cross the Charles River. But then I started to look more closely to the surroundings of our new home and to take shots of that. The shot above is a little in that vein (though done in Boston) but has more of a street vibe.


October 2010 - Downtown Boston

A very cliché motif….


November 2010 - Downtown Boston

November and December I tried to do different things. Getting closer and also using the on-board flash. The shot above was done at the same place as the one from August. And it is likely to be the same truck.


December 2010 - Place de l'Opéra, Paris



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