Vivian Maier grew up in France but …


… her story does not seem to interest any French media.

I was wondering about that when browsing the media links at the project Kickstarter page. I did some quick search, including at the main French media websites and although I can’t pretend it is reliable there does not seem to be any coverage so far. Yet Vivian Maier, though technically an American citizen, was raised in France and that could be a little plus for the French media to be interested in her.

But no…


4 thoughts on “Vivian Maier grew up in France but …

    • I am not surprised too… But since there has been coverage in (at least) UK, Denmark, Italy, Argentina so far (otherwise than in the US) I find it rather frustrating that this story still finds no echo in France, especially since there was Paris-Photo lately…

      I guess we French had enough of that sort of photography with Cartier-Bresson, Ronis, Boubat, Doisneau… (irony intended)

  1. For up-to-date news (especially for what happens on the Internet), don’t read French newspapers… ^^

    I guess her story will be told eventually. Maybe when Vivian Maier will be acknowledged by the world of photography.

    It seems to me that there’s not much in the French photography blogs either, but that’s only an impression based on the few photography blogs I know and they don’t often talk about other photographers.

    It’s quite a shame actually, I realize that I don’t know any French photography blog that presents the work of other photographers, analyzes exhibition, questions the practise of photography, while presenting their own work. I would be interested if you knew one.

    By the way, it’s official ! I’m coming to the US for the summer. I’ll send you an e-mail after my exams to ask you some advice about Boston.

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