Blake Andrews’ 80 prints + gum

I’ll post a dozen of scans from Blake Andrews’ 80 prints package that I received a while back. These are probably my favorites of the batch, but more importantly the one I find the most interesting. Anyway keep in mind that these are leftovers from the photographer.


1. Photograph by Blake Andrews

#1 I like it very much. It has some sense of absurd and irony that is often found in Blake Andrews work. It also proceeds (IMO) from what I see as a very American concern for which “New Topographics” was paramount. How many of you did ever see that kind of photographs of – say – French neighborhoods ?


2. Photograph by Blake Andrews

For whatever reason #2 reminds me of an Henry Wessel picture with a man in backyard with birds. There is a lot to see here but more importantly (to me) it has that sort of elusiveness that I dig (though it has less graphical clarity than the Wessel picture).



3. Photograph by Blake Andrews

#3 might look little off composition-wise, but I find there is something of a Winogrand vibe in it. I like the ambiguous eye-contact and how the scenery naturally and seamlessly focus on the woman, as if there was no need of an effort to frame the picture (which of course is not true), which is something recurrent in Winogrand’s picture.


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