Few bits from early winter of late 2010

I’m back from France and now find myself quite busy.

Just to speak about the photo front I have loads of fresh pictures to check out,  an in-progress family album to edit into a Blurb book (a promise made a while back and definitely not the easiest thing to do …), a collection of color street photographs that I also want to edit into a book…

Before getting started here is a very interesting discussion on Blake Andrew’s blog, about Vivian Maier, following to this story and which looks like a starting controversy. I am with those who believe Maier had a special gift, and I do not really understand Colin Westerbeck’s comment, not only about her, but what he said specifically about being distant.

photograph by Vivian Maier

Sounds to me like a lazy sweeping statement, which is at best embarrassing from someone who is quite knowledgeable of the genre (he did the essay for Meyerowitz book “Bystander: A History Of Street Photography”). I can understand that he came up with that first impression based on a few shots he saw but I am not sure it is fair to bring that publicly.

photograph by Vivian Maier ... No irony ?


At least he should have wait to see a broader body of work. Imagine if Garry Winogrand was remained unknown and was now judged through a bunch of tilted snapshots of women ? Don’t know the exact story though, and maybe that was just words that were not meant to be spread that way and that fast, but that sounds to me rather inconsiderate.

Speaking of Blake Andrew I received the 80 prints + gum package some weeks ago and I am grateful to him for that. I would like to give feedback on that too… later.

Yet in the meantime I received my copies from my new book (ordered at Blurb) which is titled “All Meat Cut To Order“. More on that later.


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