Can you figure out… (4)

.. this blonde story…

When I framed this shot yesterday I tried to have the woman in foreground, her reflection, and the other blonde woman with sunglasses behind juxtaposed altogether.

The relative position of me and the first woman are quite clear. But what about the other woman with shades ? Did she stand on the street behind me – and is her reflection captured – or was she inside the shop ?

4 thoughts on “Can you figure out… (4)

    • That is kind of you Alex. But you know what I am doing here is mostly derivative of what has been done by others – known or less known. I am striving to get more stylish – in the sense of more personal as opposed to aesthetic – but that is hard, of course. And if one day I manage to do that it is likely that I’ll be the only one happy with the result – something I think you know yourself too well by the way, don’t you ?


      • Many street photographers seem to have a style because of the fact that they went out at the same time of day and used similar film with similar developping techniques I think. Work such as yours varies in appearance, but their’s a certain style, due to the instinctive compositional properties etc etc blabla. The need for people to see works and go ‘Yep, that’s one of Jacques’ seems an overpressed point. Can I remind you that was possible when you posted contrasted quadtoned images to 1x with your infamous tilt? 😉
        As for imitating the works of artists: link
        And life is lonely at the top. I just learnt how to use google analytics with my 1x homepage, to sadly discover 60% of all visits are mine.
        I’m trying to enjoy photography and say as little about it as possible, a difficult task. I’m going to say again, your photo is a real masterpiece, copied or not, it’s your interpretation.

  1. It is not about copying, but more about responding to certain motifs, consciously or not. But of course nothing wrong about being influenced. It is about one’s own interpretation indeed, or something like that. Hard to pinpoint with words. You know it when you see it…

    On a side note the 1X homepage work like any personal website – as far as visit are concerned. Very few people go there, I guess. It is a bad bargain really (I know yours was kindly offered but you’ll have to renew it). That is why I gave it up. Building your own site costs much less and you have much more layout flexibility. Not to mention that you can have it for free working around with blogger or wordpress.

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