Gluttony of Big Cities…


This post echoes one with same title from Kip Praslowics on his blog, here. Worth to read it first.

On Thursday we will be going to New-York City for Thanksgiving. NYC is about 4 hours drive from Boston and we like to go there with the kids. And of course I enjoy doing street-photography in New-York, which is a treat for most street photographers.

But what I like more and more is to shoot in small suburban towns or neighborhoods, like the one that surround our home in Brookline, few miles from Boston downtown. Kip Praslowics described it well in his blog. And there were also few similar words from Mark Cohen who did most of his work in his hometown Wilkes-Barre. Whereas in big cities it is rather easy to be unnoticed it is not the same story in the few crowded streets of small towns, and you feel somewhat naked and vulnerable. But it is I think a very interesting context for photography, and finally a very enjoyable practice.

One thing is that you “think” more, in a sense that you have more time to look. In other word the rhythm is different, it is slower.

… since sometimes there is nobody in the street you have the time to stop at shops and examine what they have to offer – photography-wise


… or to look at things to figure out they sometimes are mimicking.


… you try to make picture out of the most mundane things – including the (unintentional) photographer’s cigarette smoke in the one above


But be sure that when you get close, you won’t be invisible at all.


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