Weird shot

I did this shot today at the Boston University. And it came up with that weird light that I hardly explain.

The shot was done with flash, 1/60 sec,  f8. I noticed the light on the LCD and thought it must have been some light in the back pouring through the wall openings. This should be something like that but I tried to re-do it right after, several times, yet unsuccessfully.


4 thoughts on “Weird shot

    • mmmh… I was thinking of a fairy, or better said hopping it could be a fairy but if so probably she was frightened by the flash, or a shy fairy, or a naked one…. But could have been a young witch too. Salem is few miles in the North.

  1. I’ve just heard about that UFO in California…. by the way I saw a similar one in an evening sky few months ago. It was later on confirmed as a rocket launched.

    … Fairies are indeed half-naked winged little ladies with huge manga eyes. But this one was not exotic / not sexy enough for 1X screening. Hence why I blurred it at PP 😉

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