Bits and bytes.

After I recently read something on that subject (can’t remember what and where…) I started to think about what could be a good idea. Or maybe what could end up as a bad idea, but who knows ?

Assuming that every digital files are basically bunch of bytes (or bits, or both … not sure), I realize that there is no significant syntax difference between – say – a .jpg file and an .mp3 file. Except probably some header information that helps the appropriate software to decipher it.

But now what if one cheats the software, and for example makes an .mp3 reader to “play” a photo file (say a .jpg) instead, by working around the file, encoding the proper information (header or whatever) that allows the software to play it ? Or the opposite – which is more of a “photographic” (well…) application – i.e. display an .mp3 file as an image ?

One could be curious to figure out how the songs from her/his favorite band look like, as an image. It is very likely that whatever the tune you use it will come up as bunch of random pixels. But again, who knows ? Maybe if you “play” a tune from Miles Davis it will look like William Klein. I can surely think of some of Bill Frisell’s music having the vibe of Alec Soth’s work. Or Aaron Copland will be Ansel Adams. Or if you convert Abba songs you get 70’s porn pics…

By the way I think that if I were an old rock star on the decline I would propose to do that, an “exhibition” of my most successful hits in a photo gallery. I am sure there will be people in the Art World who would love the concept…

Worth to try ? Oh well I can’t do that myself… I did a quick search and did not find anything that resembles such an experience. I can’t believe nobody ever tried to do that though. Let me know if you have heard about that.


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