The sexiest photo ever…

© Mike Stimpson


From Mike Stimpson Lego classics gallery. Check it out, great stuff !

6 thoughts on “The sexiest photo ever…

  1. Lego are IMO the best toys in the world. It’s incredible to see how much you can create with those tiny simple bricks.

    It has not grown old yet and never will I think. I can easily imagine myself playing with my kids too.

  2. I wonder if that can be a good idea to take a snapshot of each of my kids achievement. I realize those are very ephemeral things. I mean those done otherwise than that of the box model(s). It usually takes much more time to be built than it lasts (at least with my kids…). The Lego red plane (a nice one) that my older kid invented yesterday is now into pieces and gone forever… When you think about it it is somewhat fascinating.

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