Looking for a photo tool


I am looking for a specific software tool for photo analysis. I did some search on the net but could not find anything. The principle is very simple though, and I believe a tiny flash application, or javascript could do that very easily. But I am not a programmer.

Here is the idea. First you choose a photo, from your PC or an URL.

And then the software would apply a mask on it, like an opaque sheet but with a round shape window in it to show a specific region of the pic …

Of course the window can be moved throughout the pic to explore every details, using the mouse. And ideally one should be able to control the window size, or to zoom in it e.g. by +/-


This is a technique that can be implemented with a simple sheet of paper and scissors for prints. But I’d like to have a software for doing it on my PC for digital files. If you know where I can find something like that please leave a comment. If you are a developer and are keen to spend few time on that that would be great.



4 thoughts on “Looking for a photo tool

  1. It is to isolate and focus on some region/details and then quickly move to another one. Maybe this can be done on PS (I don’t use PS though), but I would like to have something more light and handy and the possibility to have it on-line to get any photo from its URL.

  2. I suppose it goes like this: you take the first, make the changes on the second and merge the two images into one gif animation file which changes between the two by following the mouse – if I got it right?… I managed to hack a very old game yesterday using hex and ASCII commands and if I could do that as a software analphabet you could probably assemble a gif animation too :))

  3. …what could be great too is to be able to annotate with text here and here and finally record the whole stuff into a movie (sort of animated .ppt). Then you can post photo analysis for sharing on the net. Would be a great thing for documentary photographs IMO, or reproduction of paintings.

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