Can you figure out…


… what is the time lapse between these 2 photographs ?




5 thoughts on “Can you figure out…

    • Thanks Kip.

      Not on Oct 11th. The filename just means it is the 1009th and 1011th of Oct 2010 (name format is yyyymmxnnnn). So you can conclude they are subsequent indeed. But the time lapse is much less… There is a very specific clue in both images that helps to evaluate it quite precisely.

    • Actually 5-6 sec (based on EXIF).

      But yeah… that woman with the purse is the clue, she has about 6/7 footsteps to make from where she is on the first pic to reach the black pillar on the very right, which is the same one on left of picture #2.

      • With all the re photography you’ve been posting lately I wasn’t sure if both of these were yours or not. I spent all my time looking at the architecture and fashion trends initially, I didn’t even process that the same person was in both. Fun!

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