Last days of pouring rain here in the Boston area…

I admire those who can get good shots when it rains like that. … It seems impossible for me. I just don’t like rain, when I’m out for shooting… and don’t ask me to chase the “lonely people with umbrella” motif that I am more than tired of.

There are very objective factors that makes me dislike rain. First there are less people out there, and the ones you find are usually hidden under coats and umbrella with a closed expression (not always though, and more often than not having less people in the street provides interesting opportunity). Also when you are out there with a wet camera you are more likely to be noticed that when it is sunny. Who takes photographs in the street when it’s raining ? Indeed that looks weird. That together with the fact that people are often in worse mood in shitty weather make the probability to be hassled higher -at least it is something I assume. Another point is that a wet camera and chilly fingers make my click response time drop significantly, which is not good to get a shot.

I wonder what Garry Winogrand was doing when it was raining on 5th avenue ?

Actually there are not too many famous street photographs done in the rain. Seems like the sun always shine for big shots or at least it is dry. There should be some hot “wet” shots for sure,  but I don’t have  any in mind right now.

Anyway I did not have much time to go out shooting this week, so that rainy weather did not really hurt. Except that I wanted to come up with a decent picture for the Street Photography Now Project Flickr pool. And I have few valuable stuff to submit (I mean: done after the brief was issued). The last week-end was sunny and I got a couple of decent shots from Haymarket when I got there with my wife and kids. But the pool is already – and very expectedly – filled with lots of food stuffs, and I wanted to do something else. But street smells nothing when it rains, I just don’t get it…

Instead of smell the idea of “fall” came in the few shots I did, rather unconsciously:

I like the second one. I think I will submit that one, though it is rather remotely connected with Instruction#1

2 thoughts on “Fall…

  1. I don’t have time to read the instructions yet (actually, I don’t have time to do anything), but I would definitively chose the second picture.

    Love it at first sight.

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