Rephotography in North End – Hanover / Tileston, and conclusion

© Estate of Jules Aarons

The street sign on left is hardly readable, but one can distinguish “Tileston” and a quick look at a North End map proves it right. This is actually Hanover street viewed from North towards South. In between the two guys and blurred in the background there is a triangle shaped roof which is the very evidence of the correct spot, though not obvious on the re-shot.

When I did the rephoto there was an old man standing just behind, who lives here. I showed him the Aarons book and he was very interested and remembered about the  shop sign above in the Aarons shot. Then this old lady came to salute him and I showed her the book as well. She took a long time to browse the book, and was delighted by the pictures. I owe her to get the information I needed to spot the ‘Knights of Columbus’ and ‘Royalists’ shots.

The triangle roof is hardly visible on the re-photo but it is there, right below the ‘Italian…’ restaurant canopy. Instead you can see the high buildings of the financial district in the background.


To conclude:

It was a fun job of rephotography to do. One of the good thing is to give a sense of importance of the street photography genre. The simple fact that these old photographs have a unique power of emotion on people is a credit to be given to the genre as its practice is more and more criticized and hassled. I myself would love to find good old candid shots of me as a kid playing with mates in the neighborhood of my youth, but they probably do not exist. But the photographs have to be good and so many street shots we see today are not.

I tried my best to come up with most possibly accurate re-shot of the original photographs, but I did not manage to do that all the time. By the way it is a real challenge to re-do the exact same view, with same vantage point, framing, angle and perspective and regardless how the place has changed. I do not have the technical dedication for that.

For those interested here is a map of the 10 spots in North End:

Click on the image to browse the map

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