New lens filter set

Now that Photokina 2010 has closed it is time for me to make a little contribution to the camera gear ever growing technology.

So here it is: a brand new set of lens filters that I have developed during my free time.

Lens filter set

Product details:

#1 – Basic 1 f-stop ND filter. f-stop filters are stackable depending on your requirement. Actually a very flexible solution.



#2 – 10 f-stop ND filterThe 10 f-stop ND filter is an all-in-one solution that is equivalent to 10 single f-stop filters stacked together. It is perfect if you are after milky water images.


Note: for some reason the 10 f-stop filter does not work properly here in the US and I noticed it often has a leak on the right corner. So I had to re-design it  completely and came with a US-compliant version (below) :


#3 – Kids playing warning filter

A revolutionary state-of-the-art filter especially designed for serious street-photographers. It will prevent you to go into embarrassing and possible rude-for-you situations.

Although I don’t expect a huge market response on that one and it is rather a niche product I might develop a whole range of filters for street photographers, whose requirement is growing fast these days.




All filters are compliant (*) with most lens size up to 62mm diameter (**) and can be attached to lens using a standard and universal method (***) that offers full compatibility with any exotic brand and gear – thanks for the inspiration by the way.

You don’t even need to have filter thread on the lens to use them!


Also filters are easily adaptable to Cokin™ or similar holder system:



Last but not least, all filters are made with 99% environment-friendly material.




(*) lens hoods are not supported.
(**) Larger version available upon request for bigger lens
(***) not included


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