MIT library photo archive on Flickr

I have just discovered that the MIT has put online through Flickr about 2,000 photographs of Boston shot in the late 50’s by Nishan Bichajian.

This is great documentary resource for people interested in the Boston cityscape and its evolution since 5 decades. There are nice street shots too, especially from North-End (check out the photostream around page 61)

Here it is:

2 thoughts on “MIT library photo archive on Flickr

  1. Nishan Bichajian:,retired Associate Professor at MIT and US Army Air Force Veteran passed peacefully on August 11, 2013 in his hometown at the Winchester Hospital in MA.He was 95.Nishan devoted his life to building a close beautiful family and his career to creating exceptional photographs and exquisite life drawings. He was surrounded by his beloved son and daughter; Mark & Gail, daughter-in-law Colleen and dear friend Miltiades when he parted our hearts to join his loving wife Louise who passed from Cancer in 2008.He has three grandchildren; Ryan & Brandon Bichajian and Elise Madenjian. He would be proud and honored to know his passionate work will continue to be viewed and enjoyed by
    people all over the world.!

  2. God bless the man. His work lives on. I had the wonderful luck of tracking Nishan down a year or so ago, and talked to him on the phone for quite a long time. Although in his 90’s, he was clear as a bell, and spoke of the project which he thought had been long forgotten, and of his regret for the book which was never published. When I informed him that much of his work was on Flickr and the MIT website, he brightened up, having had no idea that thousands of people are appreciating his beautiful photography. Having grown up in Cambridge, MA, I am especially fond of his Central Square photographs, but, that said, there isn’t a bad shot in the entire collection.

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