One Mile Around #1

Here is a new post category which is like a little project. It is basically about my neighborhood and the photograph I get when I walk around. I’ve just moved – but still in the Boston Area – and it is the third time I moved in 3 years (from Paris to Frankfurt, Germany and then to Boston). When I lived in France I did not really feel the need to photograph the mundane things around. Too much acquainted with it, maybe (and also less photography work, or other concerns). But that has changed with my move. My attempts in Frankfurt were not very good for that matter. I got pictures but in retrospect I feel I did not have the proper photographic approach. Too much concerned about the unusual, which is not really what it is about here. When I was in Cambridge I did some similar stuffs as well, but now I have a better idea of what I want to come up with, probably because I capitalized on my experience of street-photography.

This is not really about documenting the surrounding environment. It is more to get interesting pictures out of it, period. I would say otherwise it is about how things really are, but maybe not how we are used to see them. Maybe what we call ‘documentary photography’ is precisely about that by the way, i.e. not necessarily to learn something about the subject, but just to see it as it is as opposed to the way we see it.

So, enough musing and here is the first batch of 3 pics.


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