My first book (2)

… One important thing I forgot to mention and which is bothering is that the pages have been trimmed on top and bottom. There is a trim guide in the book template tool so that it could be expected, but the bottom edge has been trimmed way over the area suggested. This is not very annoying as long as pictures have margin around which is mostly the case for this book – and the few full bleed images can tolerate to be cropped a little. But a notable exception to that is the cover itself because my name on it is partly rolled inside.

Here is a quick photo to figure that out:

Hence I don’t recommend to buy this version –  if very hypothetically someone stumble upon my blog and tackle the idea to buy it. I will fix that for the final version as well as I will do some tweaking in the editing for a couple of photo that require it.


4 thoughts on “My first book (2)

  1. I already knew Blurb but I’ve never tested it (I don’t have enough photos anyway).

    Your book looks very nice and pro.
    A shame your name has been cropped.

    Oh and I’ve forgotten to say in my previous comment that I love the new theme of your blog (first thing I noticed when I came here :)).
    Neat and minimalistic (and yet with the useful searchbar), perfect to let the eye concentrate on what matters.

  2. I hope the next book will be trimmed correctly…

    Most of the free WP templates suck… Some are quite good but there is always something bothering, a widget compatibility issue or whatever in the CSS which makes you want to go for a payable one. I guess it makes sense, from a commercial point of view… But yeah, this one is good (and is free)

  3. If I’m not mistaken, you have a hoster, since you have a website. So why not host your blog ?

    You’ll have more freedom and could still use WordPress (if I remember, with and their hosting service, you cannot modify the CSS if you’re not paying).

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