My first Book…

Another news is that I’ve just received my copy of the Blurb book I’ve done with some of my street photographs. It is a first release with 51 b+w photographs all shot in the Boston area this year between March and August.

This is a kind of draft release. I wanted to figure out how the photographs look printed with blurb. I have to say it is not bad in a way that it is very close to what I get on my monitor, so that I can say I am very responsible of the result, including some post-processing flaws here and here. I was afraid they come up too dark but it is OK. The overall toning is not too much contrasted – a bit less than it appears on the blurb preview above. Could be it lacks of deep black or whatever more punch in tones, not sure… I think having more mid-tones is better for a natural “street” feel. For information my copy has premium lustre paper.

I am working on the definite release which will be titled “Common Boston” instead (in reference to Boston Common public park downtown). It will include 100 photographs.


3 thoughts on “My first Book…

  1. Thanks a lot Willem. I suppose you refer to the serie “Les Temps Modernes” on my website. I would like to do more with that idea, or better said “mood”. But it is hard…

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