Pick a pic (5/?)

Boylston st, Boston

Boylston st, Boston

I already wrote how eye contact might involve the photographer in a picture. But sometimes the photographer may interact with facts described in the frame in a more unexpected and surreptitious way. This is the case with the pic reproduced above.

Now try to figure out how my presence here has influenced what is shown on the shot…

hmmm… not easy I guess – and not that important by the way… But the way the guy look at the trash on ground was very due to me being there and bending down to get a low vantage point. I think he was intrigued about what I was doing and must have thought “what’s the heck is worth to be photographed here”, and had a look to check out if there was something special. But before he was just looking straight ahead and if it wasn’t me he would probably not have care about the trash…

And I think this makes the shot more interesting than it should have been otherwise, because of the obvious interaction between the man and the trash, making a consistency scene that I believe could have illustrates nicely a news story about trash management or whatever.


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