Pick a pic (4/?)

If we put aside the obviously missed shots there are 3 kinds of photographs with regards to initial feeling/final result ratio: 1/ the ones that you were truly confident they will be successful and end up that way. 2/ The ones you were confident as well but would finally fade quickly because it misses something (some vitalness, a fraction of second away from the “decisive moment” …). And 3/ the ones you feel were missed but that end up successful.

The image below came out to belong to the 3rd category. I was very interested by what happened here, better said I felt there was some energy in a semi-conscious way, more by instinct than anything else. So I quickly framed and shot. But it was rather dark and with camera setting set to aperture-priority shutter speed was to slow (1/15) to freeze subject matter in motion. So I thought: “too bad…”.

Young couple on shopping duty

Young couple on shopping duty

Finally when I saw that fuzzy image on my computer it appealed to me anyhow. The energy was there I think and this is what it is about. Also one important thing is that the girl is noticeably looking at me/the viewer and that way she stands out from the whole scene. More than often you have interesting results when people are aware of being photographed – and that is one of the reason I like to be obvious as a photographer for street shot. This moment of awareness usually last a fraction of second and most of the time people would walk their way and forget about it. But this “decisive moment” of eye contact can really make a shot.

Also one thing that I like here is that despite she is blurred the girl’s features are still identifiable. It is not like ghosting people at slow speed (something that I am really tired of and don’t do anymore). Furthermore the blur gives the impression of a grim at me, which I find gives a special vitalness to the pic, even some aggressiveness that I dig. It also creates a tension with the more passive attitude of her boyfriend – which is consistent with the idea of “shopping” that I find interesting to document, an activity in which women have the power.

I will maybe submit this one for screening at 1x.com. I am pretty sure it will be rejected but let’s see…


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