Pick a pic (3/?)

2 pics for this one, and a “b+w vs. color” concern for 2 photos that are very similar, for subject matter and composition.


© jacques philippe

© jacques philippe

I don’t find colors very engaging on this one. There are lots of them in small touch, with no consistency. The background is busy and finally colors add to the clutter I think. On the other hand the background building has nice lines, patterns and contrast that are very relevant for b+w. I definitely opt for b+w for this one.


© jacques philippe

© jacques philippe

This one has less information but this very contrasted scene with deep shadows makes it a good candidate for b+w. Unfortunately I did not see the car coming and it was there right in the middle when I click… It appears to me that the b+w is somewhat messed up by this white car (be it dark/black and it could be another story). On the other hand these light conditions are good for colors, they pop up very bright. And here are few of them and they juxtaposed in a nice way I think, especially the green on top and the red jacket. I’ll go for color here.


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