Pick a pic (2/?)

I’ve been recently at Mount Auburn Cemetery, Massachusetts. It is not far from my home and is a gorgeous place, the first landscaped cemetery in the U.S. There was snow and the sun was high (not that high at this moment of the year). Also it was very peaceful and I hardly met anybody except a nice lady with whom I had some small talk. I have no relative buried there but was there for the place and to do some shots, mostly of gravestones or groups of. And indeed I took some nice ones – which was not a difficult task given the place.

One of my favorite is this one that I like for some aesthetic reason but also because it is not that pompous (hard to avoid being pompous when you take photographs of such gravestones).

The 6 finger handlike gravestone © jacques philippe

The 6 fingers hand-like gravestone © jacques philippe

And I wondered why it has not that pompous vibe on it, and why I found it somewhat funny… Is that the ‘Laurel av.’ sign (there are lots like that to indicate paths) ? Is that the trees around that makes it look lost and put an irony on it ? And then I began to consider the shape of the stone and figured out that it looks a bit like a hand, a 6-fingers hand… and then.. the middle finger up…  got it!

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